Welcome to ECAVI

The East Africa Centre for Vaccines and Immunization (ECAVI) is an initiative of health professionals and organisations brought together with the main aim of increasing awareness; research and training and supporting health systems towards improved coverage and uptake of vaccines in Eastern Africa (including the five EAC member states Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, plus Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia).

Our Mission

To promote and encourage the use of current vaccines and uptake of new vaccines and improved vaccine uptake/coverage in Eastern Africa through supporting training, capacity building, vaccine data management systems, product development, continued research and utilisation of new vaccine research findings on vaccines in Eastern Africa.

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  • Our Vision

    An Eastern Africa free of vaccine-preventable diseases, focussing on: five EAC member states Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, plus Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia.

  • Our Objectives

1. To collaborate with the various government ministries of Health, EPIs, professional medical associations, medical training institutions, vaccine manufacturers/promoters/dispensers and the general public with the aim of promoting the use of vaccines and immunisation services within Eastern Africa member states.
2. To share and provide up to date information on policy and guidelines for use of vaccines in Eastern Africa.
3. To promote strategies to increase immunisation coverage, vaccine uptake and reporting of vaccine related statistics in Eastern Africa.
4. Participate in dissemination of reliable up-to date and accurate evidence-based information and educational resources about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases to health professionals, the general public and scientific community in Eastern Africa.
5. To advocate and lobby for the inclusion of new vaccines into national EPIs within Eastern Africa member states.
6. To encourage and participate in research and teaching on vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases in medical training institutions within Eastern Africa
7. To collaborate and leverage support from existing civil society platforms engaged in vaccination and immunization activities.

Why do we need ECAVI?

The East African Community (EAC) is an intergovernmental organisation comprising five countries in the African Great Lakes region in Eastern Africa: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It covers an area of 1,820,664 square kilometres (702,962 sq mi), with a combined population of about 149,959,317 (2013 est.) In 2010, the EAC launched its own common market for goods, labour and capital within the region, with the goal of creating a common currency and eventually a full political federation.

In 2013 a protocol was signed outlining their plans for launching a monetary union within 10 years. These political and economic developments provide a timely opportunity for joint initiatives that can promote health in the East African region. Vaccine preventable illnesses contribute the largest cause of under 5 morbidity and mortality in Eastern Africa.

The six conditions that account for about 70% of all child deaths in the Eastern Africa region include: acute lower respiratory infections, mostly pneumonia (19%), diarrhoea (18%), malaria (8%), measles, (4%), HIV/AIDS (3%), and neonatal conditions. ECAVI provides a much needed and timely initiative and platform for the promotion, research, education and advocacy for vaccines in Eastern Africa, in order to help reduce morbidity and mortality due to vaccine preventable diseases.

ECAVI Advisory Team of Experts

The East Africa Centre for Vaccines and Immunization (ECAVI) maintains a list of an advisory team of experts who volunteer advisory opinion or guidance from time to time when called upon. They do not sit on the Board or make decisions or influence operations of the day to day running of activities of ECAVI. They upon request/invitation provide voluntary advice and opinion based on their expertise and knowledge on vaccinology, immunization and (child) health matters in the Eastern Africa region.

The ECAVI Advisory Team of Experts include:

1. UGANDA – Dr. Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka – Senior Lecturer, Makerere University
2. UGANDA – Dr. Edison Mworozi – Senior Consultant Paediatrician Mulago Hospital & Honorary Lecturer, Makerere University.
3. UGANDA – Dr. Nantulya Florence – Senior Consultant Paediatrician, Nakasero Hospital, Kampala
4. KENYA – Dr. Kigen Barnabas – Lecturer, Moi University
5. KENYA – Dr. Eric Sagwa – Strategic Relations & Health Systems expert
6. KENYA – Dr. Lawrence Owino Okong’o – Paediatric Rheumatologist & Lecturer, University of Nairobi
7.TANZANIA – Dr. Nahya Salim Masoud – Lecturer, Muhimbili University (MUHAS)
8. TANZANIA – Dr. Adolphine Alban Hokororo – Consultant Paediatrician & Lecturer, Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences, Mwanza Tanzania.
9. RWANDA – Dr. Orikiriiza Judith – Consultant Paediatrician, Rwanda Military Hospital and Honorary Lecturer, University of Rwanda.
10.LONDON, UK – Dr. Patience Nalubega Kimera – Consultant Paediatrician
11.UGANDA – Dr. Munube Deo – Consultant Paediatrician Mulago Hospital & Honorary Lecturer, Makerere University.
12. UGANDA – Dr. Rose Nazziwa – Consultant Paediatrician, Kisubi Hospital, Entebbe.
13. KENYA – Dr. Wesley Too- Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kabarak University

ECAVI Operational Team

he East Africa Centre for Vaccines and Immunization (ECAVI) has two operational administrative locations at Namela House, 2 Sports Lane, Naguru,
Opposite Kampala Legends Rugby Club, KAMPALA, UGANDA and at the Health Sciences Building, Kabarak University, Nakuru, Kenya.

The operational team members contribute to and provide strategic and professional guidance, advice and support to the ECAVI web-site, Twitter handle and Facebook page platforms and related activities.

The current operational team comprises of the following:

1. Dr. Ombeva Malande –Director, ECAVI
2. Dr. Kutamba Elizabeth- Deputy Director, ECAVI
3. Rachel Afaayo Nakatugga – Administration Manager, ECAVI
4. Daniel Rukundo – IT Manager, ECAVI
5. Carolyne Chemweno – M & E Manager, ECAVI
6. Mutunga Nzoka – Data Manager, ECAVI
7. James Kipsang – Grants and Fundraising Manager