Message from the Director



Ecavi Motto
  • What are the objectives of ECAVI?

    1. To collaborate with the various government ministries of Health, EPIs, professional medical associations, medical training institutions, vaccine manufacturers/promoters/dispensers and the general public with the aim of promoting the use of vaccines and immunisation services within Eastern Africa member states.
    2. To share and provide up to date information on policy and guidelines for use of vaccines in Eastern Africa.
    3. To promote strategies to increase immunisation coverage, vaccine uptake and reporting of vaccine related statistics in Eastern Africa.
    4. Participate in dissemination of reliable up-to date and accurate evidence-based information and educational resources about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases to health professionals, the general public and scientific community in Eastern Africa.
    5. To advocate and lobby for the inclusion of new vaccines into national EPIs within Eastern Africa member states.
    6. To encourage and participate in research and teaching on vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases in medical training institutions within Eastern Africa
    7. To collaborate and leverage support from existing civil society platforms engaged in vaccination and immunization activities.
  • What is the Vision of ECAVI?

    An Eastern Africa free of vaccine-preventable diseases and cancers.

  • What is the mission of ECAVI?

    To promote and encourage the use of current vaccines and uptake of new vaccines; and improved vaccine uptake/coverage in Eastern Africa through supporting advocacy, training, capacity building, vaccine data management and health systems, product development, continued research and utilisation of new vaccine research findings on vaccines in Eastern Africa.